Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Positive Thoughts

Remember, we can change how we view our own aging bodies.  We can set the standard for our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends.  We do that by setting an example, by changing the way WE think, by embracing our age, our wrinkles, and our beauty, yes, our aging beauty.  Youth has its perks but so does age.  If we each change the way we think eventually the rest of this society will follow.  It's up to each one of us.

Thoughts become things, so if you are constantly berating the way you look, every time you glance in the mirror you will see something you don't like.  Is that something you'd wish on a friend, a daughter or any female?  Probably not, so stop, change the way you think.  Start seeing beauty in age, believe me it's there. 

This is one of the most uplifting, charming sites that I have found about changing your thought process.  You can sign up for daily notes from the Universe.  It's wonderful! It's encouraging!  Try it.

Remember, you are fabulous!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life - Learning Experiences

I have been presented with so many learning experiences lately.  It almost seems as if they are increasing as time flies by.  Long ago I used to look in awe at older people, thinking that they had it all figured out.  Now isn't that funny?  Maybe we never have it figured out because then life would be boring. 

I have been involved in a story about Penny Palfrey and her epic swim of over 40 hours.  An article came out (which was found to be false) that sharks were killed to protect her and the story went viral.  The environmental wackos (yes, I was once one of them)  burst onto the scene acting like sharks themselves.  I learned you can't trust anything you read to be 100% factual and people will say anything online.

I have met some interesting people this month who are showing me that I have so much to discover about me and everyone else.

I am constantly being challenged to be a better parent, a kinder person, and a more compassionate human being.  I try to be nonjudgmental but that doesn't always work.  I try to be above the push to look youthful but sometimes I look twice gasping when I glance in the mirror and see all my hair is gray. 
What I am constantly reinforcing is that we are so much alike.  We want to be accepted for who we are, we want to be loved and listened to, we want comfort and understanding.
So I continue on, anticipating my next learning experience and hoping it will make me a better person.

You are remarkable, don't let anyone make you doubt that!