Thursday, April 29, 2010


Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder what happened to that young, attractive woman? I’m sure this is a struggle that goes on inside every woman as she approaches an age that is considered by society to be old or older. How can we be sexy, beautiful and passionate if we are old? The better question is how can we not? We have shed so much of the mundane and the worries. It’s time to embrace the wisdom, the confidence, the not caring about opinions. We can still dance, sing, create, celebrate, learn, and find passion. It is NEVER too late.
Marketing is designed to appeal to youth or scare us into believing we need to look and act as young as we can as if there is something wrong with aging. What we do need to do is look healthy, vibrant and interested. We can still find ways to express ourselves and forge new pathways of self fulfillment. We can find ways to be energized by living. There is still so much to feel and do.
Remember that old song by Anne Murray – “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar” Let’s change that to “I am an Older Woman, See Me Soar”
So go out and let your light shine because if you do that will make it easier for the rest of us.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's Important

Think about it, either you age or you die. The way I see it is that then we should be grateful that we are aging. So why not choose to age not only with grace but as healthy as you can? Yes, that means eating right AND exercising. There are many people who are choosing healthier lifestyles as they get older. They are pushing limits of what we perceive aging means. We can all participate in that. We can learn, we can teach, we can reach milestones, we can feel good. So look in the mirror and ask yourself what your goals are when you wake up in the morning and realize that you have been given another day to do with as you will. Be bold, be generous, be blissful. Go out and live!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Hero

At the moment, I have a new hero. Her name is Penny Palfrey, a 47 year old grandmother, who within the next 20 hours she will attempt an epic swim. Her goal is to swim over 72 miles across the Kaieiewaho Channel. It is the only Channel in the Hawaiian Islands that has never been crossed while swimming. Her projected finish time is between 30-40 hours. If she completes her goal it will be the longest unaided, nonstop open ocean swim in history. When a reporter asked her why she is doing this, her answer was simple. She said it is because no one has done it before and she was told it was not possible.

What is amazing about her is not that she might finish but that she is willing to try. She must contend with winds, ocean swells, the depth of the water, sealife and possible hypothermia. She's brave, daring and maybe a little crazy. You can watch her progress:

I send her my positive thoughts and the knowledge that she is in good hands. My brother, Jeff, 50, is her paddleboard guide and his friend Bill Goding, 57, is the alternate guide. Although not old, they are pushing some of the perceived limits we have about getting older. YEAH!