Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There might be lessening of physical ability, sagging breasts, crows feet, forgetfulness and weakening eyesight to sigh about but there are also many blessings that come with age. Being a grandparent is one of those. I am eagerly anticipating welcoming another granddaughter into the world sometime in November. Now I am enjoying watching my son and his girlfriend prepare for this blissful event. I am thrilled to be a grandparent and my heart sings when I hear my granddaughter yell "grandma". I can not fathom that there are women out there who dread that word because it might make them look old. I welcome it with open arms and a heart filled with anticipation and excitement. I would not miss one second of grandmotherhood.

I am healthy and joyfilled, I can climb to the top of Mt. Wilson, I can run 10 miles, I feel great and look wonderful. I am a grandma.

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