Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Healthy at 100

I am going to recommend this book again, Healthy at 100.  John Robbins looks into the secrets of living a long and fulfilling life.  He studies different cultures that have the oldest, healthiest people. 
In Abkhasia, when people lie about their age, instead of making themselves younger as is common in this country, they exaggerate how old they are.  This gives them greater standing in their community.

In the last chapter Robbins lists things we can do to be healthier: laugh often, talk about what matters to you, take time to meditate, respect all life, never underestimate your power to make a difference, be grateful and the list goes on...

Today I send you much to laugh about, a secret journal for your dreams, a field of red carnations and a friend to share a wish with.

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