Sunday, November 7, 2010

AGE is a Three Letter Word

This is a very insightful article, A-G-E is a three letter word   Read the entire thing.  I especially like the concept:   The message here is if you want to live longer lighten up about aging and let it in.

Imagine if we opened the door when age knocked and we let it in with an embrace and a positive attitude.  We would send ripples of acceptance through society.  We could be the generation to pave the way for aging women.  So when our granddaughters are our ages they will be able to look in the mirror and love what they see: the wrinkles, laugh lines, grey hair and sagging breasts.  They will see those things as a rite of passage into wisdom, clarity and aging beauty. 

It's never too late to practice self love.  Do it for the sisterhood of all women!


Deborah said...

I'm with you with everything but the saggy breasts. LOL. However, I'm ok with my gray hair and age spots. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Will we ever get past not liking wrinkles?!