Sunday, May 8, 2011

Healthy Aging

I think it's important to stay informed about the aging process.  Most posts about healthy aging say the same thing: exercise and eat a healthy diet.  To that I would add stretch, not only your body but your mind too. Continue to challenge yourself in all areas.  Think positive.  Smile, definitely have a good deep belly laugh once a day.  Find some way to counteract stress.  Surround yourself with healthy, happy people.  If your relationship is sick, fix it or move on.  Be passionate about something.  Play more.  Get more vitamin D.  Do something for someone else without them knowing.  Be grateful.  Take up Yoga, dancing, kayaking or mountain climbing - it's never too late.  Call your kids just to tell them they are loved.  Walk more.  Learn something new.  Decide you will not shed another tear over the guy who left you, your wrinkles, or a few extra pounds.  Stand taller and relax.  Take deep breaths and give yourself a hug.

You are remarkable!!

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