Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Aging in a Society that Believes Only Youth is Beautiful

We grow older, breasts sag, wrinkles appear, energy levels change. Why do these things terrify us? Why do we spend so much time attempting to unnaturally forestall the physical manifestation of the aging process? It is shameful that as women we have turned our power over to an industry that's only use for us is our money. We are constantly bombarded with the mantra that "youth is beauty." We have bought into it - literally. We spend time and money trying to hold onto youth. What a waste! We are botoxed, face-lifted, breast augmented, fat sucked, peeled, dyed, and scared women.

On some level we know that this society does not have much use for us. How easy it is to lament this fact, to point fingers at a society who only sees us as aging old crones. It's time to take back our power! Society will never change if we don't change first. We must be the change we want to see. We can do that by seeing our own unique beauty, by imaging a society that respects age, that sees beauty in wrinkles and value in wisdom. Let's change that mantra to "aging is beauty." Let's embrace it and believe it! It has always been true. The problem has been that we have allowed that truth to be translated into a lie that makes a few wealthy and the rest of us feeling powerless and useless. Let's walk with our heads high, complimenting each other for our beauty, our power, and our wisdom. Don't worry about the rest of the world. They will eventually catch on if we persist.

How do we affect this change? Our daughters need aging role models who see their own beauty with pride. We need to compliment older women we see, daily. Mostly we need to embrace the changes we are going through and know that age brings a different kind of beauty, joy, and wisdom. Let's not spend one more minute apologizing for our wrinkles or hiding our age. Instead, let's wear them as badges of honor! We should be concentrating on healthy eating, exercising and learning new things every day.

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