Thursday, April 10, 2008


You know that a portion of this is our fault. Older women are unappreciated and not seen as beautiful by this society partly because we don't see it ourselves. By keeping our magnificence a secret we have allowed generations to overlook us. It's never too late but it must start within each of us. We must know that at whatever age we are, we can be an expression of wisdom and beauty. We need to feel it, walk it and talk it! Let self acceptance and self love override the embarrassment of telling our age or trying to hide our wrinkles. The only way others will see our beauty is if we see it ourselves. Let us pave the way for aging women. Let us help each other find our wise, gorgeous selves that we seem to have lost along with our youth. It's still there! We just need to coax it out. So instead of wasting time bemoaning our age or trying to get rid of our wrinkles or age spots let's eat healthier, exercise, appreciate others, learn something new every day and dream BIG! After all we are gorgeous, remarkable, wise and witty women. The world needs us and we need each other.

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