Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Amazing Woman

There are so many impressive people out there.  Take a look at Diane Niad.  She is 60 years old and going after her dream.  Even if she does not reach her goal, she is amazing.  She just completed a nonstop 24 hour ocean swim.  Just to try something so physically daunting at her age is hard to comprehend.  Next she will attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida - 103 miles!  She tried it once in 1978 and swam for 40 hours before her coach stopped the swim.  She is going to try it again because she wants to be an inspiration to all 60 year olds.  So send her good thoughts!  Hurray for chasing dreams!

Today I send you dreams worth chasing, wild sunsets and the sound of hummingbirds with your morning coffee.

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Lines of Beautyw said...

Hi Debbie, Thank you for your comment on my blog. We are on the same page of enjoying growing older. So nice to "meet" someone else! Thank you also for alerting me to Diana Niad's swim. When I was younger I followed her in the news. She swam at one point across Lake Ontario where I grew up. Now I can watch updates on Twitter. It's so exciting to see a 60 year pick up her reins again after so many years of not swimming.

All my best to you,