Monday, August 30, 2010

Still Kicking

I have not seen this documentary yet but just watching the trailer is inspiring.  Still Kicking is about age and living our older years with passion.
This is what the site says about the documentary:

 Amy Gorman invited Frances Kandl to journey with her throughout the San Francisco Bay Area searching for female role models--very old women, still active artists, living with zest. While Amy chronicles their oral histories, Frances is inspired to compose songs for several of these women, many well past 90, culminating in concerts celebrating lives liberated by age.
Through their encounters, Amy and Frances unveil the possibility of aging richly, not in spite of becoming very old, but because of it.

Still kicking honors the gift of age, and poignantly illustrates that growing old can be a time of creative expression and satisfaction.

We don't usually put the words gift and aging together.  Let's be open to the possibility that aging is a gift, not only because we are on this earth longer but because it can bring wisdom, freedom, creativity and time to pursue our talents.  Celebrate your age!

Today I send you thoughts of warmth, the aroma of fresh coffee and gingerbread, the thrill of being your authentic self and lots of time for a nap.

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