Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Do You Feel About Aging?

Keep an eye on this blog, Advanced Style.  The questions are simple but I think it is important to see how other women perceive aging.  Aren't the hat loving women colorful and  fabulous looking?  They also have delightful answers:   As long as I am healthy, aging is a fascinating adventure. 

Take some time and answers the questions yourself.  You might be surprised.

I send you the joys of grandmotherhood, a warm ray of sunshine and a bouquet of multicolored carnations. 
Now go out and be fabulous.

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Dianne said...

I have put absolutely no thought into this. However I have to say I don't give much thought to aging, when I look in the mirror it's always a surprise (shock) to see a 60 year old woman looking back.
In my mind I am still young, I certainly feel no different than I did at say 40.
Life continues to be thrilling and fascinating.